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August 27th, 2005

08:51 pm: Middle skool biotches!!

Wow fridaywas very INteresting .... . starts out nights kool ..chillin w/ friendz an eerything then 2 lil middle skool bitches one starts high skool this year other still in sandusky but that 1 bitch better be glad she isnt goin 2 hertiage... i didnt do shyte 2 these biotches but ofcourse they wanna start shyte well well well ... they need 2 kno if they start shyte they need 2 finish it ... an im would definitley be happy 2 finish there shyte 4 them i dont wanna fuk w/ bitches but wen theyt cross the line theyll get it ...!!!come on im brandezy !!! brandy fukin Barnes ppl might think i wont hurt them b/c i seem nice an a big goof ball but dont read a book my its cover b/c this book will beat sum lil bitches ass!!!so yea ... if u kno the lil gurls thats fuked w/ me at the game plz inform them im not scared .. soo they aint hav 2 run b/c they wouldnt of been whompin anybody's azz!!but yea this iz my warning 4 lil kids that lik 2 fuk w/ ppl they dont kno!! im out holla!



Current Mood: pissed offwanna beat sum bitches azz!
Current Music: ima king ... TI an P$C

August 21st, 2005

10:14 pm: myspace
Ahh ... noone ever updates anymore its lik all bout myspace now ... lol only janezska allison and megan still update ... but thats not even that much as they use 2 .. but i mean im jus lik them so i can say anything ... o0o well myspace has taken over my internet life ...lol but yea newayz skool iz almost here i cant freakin wait!!!!!

Current Mood: bitchyIm soo fukin bored
Current Music: nelly-fly away

August 20th, 2005

12:43 am: thank you .. plz come again
umm............ skool its startin im soooo FUCKIN GLAD!! yay.... i luv skool an need 2 get tthe fuk away 4rm my mom .. ANNOYING! um yea registration ill be there lol .... my cuzin had her baby 2day it was soo cute i luv baby's man havin a baby iz soo freakin easy now adays wen ur druged up lol .. so funny .. um goin 2 movies 2morrow w/ taylor ahh ... i hope i hav fun ... dont kno wat im feelin 4 him ... hmmm ... prolly nothin but i hope sumin ...? =/

welll nothin 2 talk bout im lik hooked 2 myspace but im out biotches holler!

Current Mood: boredBored as fuk!
Current Music: nelly

August 15th, 2005

09:35 pm: i feel lik i crap i dont kno why i hav no stomach ache no sore throar no throwing up but yet my body hurts very badly ... u kno wen u hav lik a cold and ur body hurts an u dont want anyone 2 touch u b/c the littlest touch will hurt ... ahh god i feel crappy .. an lik 1 min. ill be lik freezin and barely can move b/c so cold then the nxt im hot and still hurt but not as bad ... man i wish i felt better but i hav no cloue why i feel lik this it makes no sense...?o well im out much luv bye!

Current Mood: sickdont feel good
Current Music: gary allen- best i ever had

August 11th, 2005

11:48 pm: My Icon...
OMG .. i jus wanted 2 hav a moment 4 my icon it iz sooo damn hott but of course not as hott as steven damn that bitch iz SEXY!! i mean jus take lik 3 sec. an llook at my icon ........................... how sexy iz that man laguna beach iz sooo awesome so yea um kids fukin watch it eery monday 10 o clock fukin be there or be .... well u dont wanna kno wat happen .. ahh i luv steven and um im out much luv !!BYeez<3

Current Mood: creativecreative
Current Music: jermaine dupri gotta getcha getcha

August 8th, 2005

10:25 pm: hola nigs!
wat up um summer iz almost over yep went 2 the beach last week it was kool got a lil tanner saw sharks at the aquarium which was soo awesome god i luv em .. O)O YEA there soo fukin kool god! but yea if u kno me u already kno im weird bout sharks .... newayz tho yea im ready 4 skool dont kno why but i luv it newayz um im single soo if sumone can find me a man i would luv it lol ... hehe well im out bitches much luv!


Current Mood: stressedkinda stressed
Current Music: bow wow -like you

July 31st, 2005

09:26 pm: 0o0oo yea .... by the way thx eerybody 4 tell in happy birthday damn i luv yall biotches!! ......... SYKE yall sukeeyz!! i cant even get a damn comment or happy b-day 4rm my lj friendz i see how it iz but yea im out peace NIgs..

Current Mood: calmsame as a moment ago
Current Music: same as a min. ago
09:18 pm: wats good homiez well um this week and weekend was pretty good ... thursday went 2 caitlins and chilled we stayed up til 7 in the morning omg i was lik soo freakin tired but then went 2 my cuzins kerri's which wen im there its alwayz interesting and i never get bored but yea me and britany chilled that night she iz my cousinjeff's g/f and went 2 mcdonalds and got a parfeit and 10 chicken nuggets then britany lik almost ran into the gas station .. lol .. it was soo fukin fun chillin w/ her but yea so that night was fun the saturday had 2 help w/ kerri's baby shower .. aint nothin lik a mad pregnant women ... lol ... but yea then saturday i got YAMAZATO"S!!! man i think thats how u spell it but that shyte was awesome i LOVE japenese food!! hehe but iono 2day aint do much but chill at home but i guess im out!

Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: alicia keys

July 27th, 2005

09:34 pm: Who's single and ready 2 mingle.....
ME BITCHES thats who iz single .. shyte that bitch mike was gettin on my damn nerves fukin fag .. hahhaaha ... =) but yea im single soo that means im on the market now ..., lol ooo yea ... now i can flirt and stuff and not feel bad ... ha .. i never did j/k .. im not a bad g/f i am the best ever!!!! =) but no on the real ahh i jus hate bein single but he wqas really gettin on my nerves 4real!! soo it had 2 be done then wen he sed i was bein a bitch shyte i knew that was the last fukin straw!! but yea its over no more mike!! soo no man 4 me ... o well .. but im out luv ya tones!!

Current Mood: peacefulpeaceful
Current Music: laguna beach

July 24th, 2005

02:10 pm: MY BIRTHDAY!!!





Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: NONE
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