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The Pyscho Fanatic Colors Here!!

brandezy---str8 beastin
24 July
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Umm ..... lets see ima pretty kool whyte gurl and i get along w/ jus bout eerybody b/c thats jus tha type of person i am .... lets see i hav a b/f at the moment named mike he iz sweet and my baby and my best friend iz caitlin and i alwayz update lj espicailly wen im bored but yea im kool and easy 2 get a long w/ and i think of my self as a pretty funny person that most ppl lik 2 be around 0o and im loud! ....... i lik listen 2 rap, r&b, and sum other shyte .... but i LOVE eminem ... b/c he iz sooo sexy and i jus lik chillin w/ my friendz and havin fun b/c im a goofy and funny type of person..!!